Burke's Law
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Season 1
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1 Who Killed Holly Howard? 0
2 Who Killed Mr. X? 0
3 Who Killed Cable Roberts? 0
4 Who Killed Harris Crown? 0
5 Who Killed Julian Buck? 0
6 Who Killed Alex Debbs? 0
7 Who Killed Sweet Betsy? 0
8 Who Killed Billy Jo? 0
9 Who Killed Wade Walker? 1
10 Who Killed the Kind Doctor? 0
11 Who Killed Purity Mather? 0
12 Who Killed Cynthia Royal? 1
13 Who Killed Eleanora Davis? 0
14 Who Killed Beau Sparrow? 0
15 Who Killed Jason Shaw? 0
16 Who Killed Snookie Martinelli? 0
17 Who Killed What's His Name? 0
18 Who Killed Madison Cooper? 0

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After the woman in the negligeé goes back into her apartment, a crew member's shadow appears on the corridor wall.



Here and in several other episodes, Burke's Law was one of the first TV series to break with longstanding Hollywood prejudices by hiring Latino actors like Cesar Romero to play Latino roles. In this episode, three years before becoming the Joker on Batman, Romero plays a Mexican police chief interrogating Amos Burke, whose rather prescient line to him is, "The joke's on the joker - I've been framed!"