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Corrected entry: During the 24 hour race, it is made to look as if The Stig reaches the end of the pit lane with seconds to spare. But as he sets off, there is a yellow car behind him, which wasn't there in any shots of him driving down the pit lane.


Correction: The Stig reaches the end of the pit lane as described - as he drives down the pit lane, one shot shows the cars on the race track coming into the finish straight, so he did indeed reach the end of the pit lane with very little time to spare. Just because another car arrives after the Top Gear car does, it doesn't invalidate statements that they were only seconds from being disqualified. As for the yellow car, we don't know exactly where it comes from - it may have been from a garage close to the pit exit, in which case it would not have been seen in the shots of the Stig driving down the pit lane and would have had time to get into position before time ran out.

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Corrected entry: In the episode where they are testing the cars by British Leyland, James May bought a 1978 Austin Princess, and said it was the first car to "obscure its wiper spindles" when in fact, it was not. The Dodge Challenger had that in 1970.


Correction: He means the first British Leyland car to have obscured spindles. The Chevy Corvair, for example, also had hidden spindles, back in the '60s.


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Corrected entry: In the "Top Ground Gear Force" special they made for Sport Relief, when Jeremy concretes over Sir Steve Redgrave's lawn, you can see the matting they put down so that they could clear it up after filming.

Correction: Not really a mistake they put matting down. My neighbours have concreted over a part of their lawn and put matting down.

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