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The Flintstones (1960)

24 mistakes in season 6

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Rip Van Flintstone - S6-E8

Continuity mistake: The "Sandy" who Fred challenges at the pie-eating contest is a completely different man to the one who sprayed Fred with water earlier in the episode.

Rip Van Flintstone - S6-E8

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Mr. Slate asks his employees to gather round for a group photo, Fred decides to liven up the situation by giving Sandy a 'hot foot'. When Mr. Slate takes the photo, Fred is lighting the match on Sandy's foot, but the picture that comes out of the camera shows him not lighting the match at all.

Rip Van Flintstone - S6-E8

Audio problem: When the man living in Barney's house says, "Yeah, struck it rich in oil years ago!" to Fred, his voice is completely different to the one heard when he opens the door.

Rip Van Flintstone - S6-E8

Continuity mistake: When Barney puts down the telephone and says "Could it be Fred Flintstone after all these years?", the receiver vanishes shortly before the scene changes.

Fred Flintstone: I love my dear sweet mother in-law. My mother in-law is a doll.
Attendant: Are you feeling all right, mister?
Fred Flintstone: Huh? Yeah. Yeah, I'm okay.
Attendant: Good. Good. You just stay in here and rest. That hot sun out there is a killer.
Fred Flintstone: Poor guy, he must have been standing in it for hours.

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Barney the Invisible - S3-E3

Trivia: This was the first episode to have "Meet the Flintstones" as the show's main theme.

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