The Flintstones

The Flintstones (1960)

2 mistakes in Shinrock-A-Go-Go

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Shinrock-A-Go-Go - S6-E12

Continuity mistake: When Fred and Barney are driving home in Fred's car, the hole in the back of the car changes shape between shots.

Shinrock-A-Go-Go - S6-E12

Continuity mistake: When Wilma and Betty are watching "Shinrock" on the TV, the camera cuts to Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm and the rug they are sitting on is covered with building blocks. Later on, when the two are trying to dance the "Pterodactyl", the rug is completely clear.

Fred Flintstone: Where's your get up and go?
Barney Rubble: It just got up and went.

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Trivia: The show's original title was "The Flagstones.".

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