South of Nowhere
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Madison Duarte: Bite me, "queer eye."
Ashley Davies: Not if you were the last Barbie on earth.

Spencer Carlin: You hook up with people for no reason at all.
Ashley Davies: Relax okay, she is just a friend. It's nothing to get all jealous over. It's not like you're my girlfriend.

Aiden Dennison: I'm listening.
Madison Duarte: That's because you still love me.
Aiden Dennison: No... that's because I'm a whore.

Spencer Carlin: When I was kissing Aiden, I was thinking about you.

Spencer Carlin: What just happened?
Ashley Davies: What always happens when you're around stupid people.

Ashley Davies: Sorry. Me no study a lot.

Ashley Davies: Triple word score... H-E-R-P-E-S.

Ashley Davies: Are you a basketball fan or do you just enjoy watching guys pat each other on the ass?

Spencer Carlin: And who are you?
Ashley Davies: Today I haven't really decided yet.

Ashley Davies: I love... these brownies.

Aiden Dennison: So what's next?
Ashley Davies: This is LA. We only have a few moments to breathe before we head back into the madness.
Spencer Carlin: Let's hit the madness.

Love and War and Love and War - S2-E10

Continuity mistake: Once Clay gets shot by his team and has to get out he swipes off his goggles but when they change shots he has them back on.

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