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Big Love (2006)

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Corrected entry: Season 5: Episode 8. Heather's confession to her bishop would be privileged, therefore immiscible. A bishop cannot go to the police with any information that is confessed to him, unless it is to prevent a future crime, and it was not.


Correction: In Episode 10, it is said that the Bishop is required to report all cases of child abuse.



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In the scene where Nikki brings the freezer to Juniper Creek, the freezer is strapped with a wide yellow strap to a hand truck. She leaves the freezer in the middle of the road. The freezer is now free of the hand truck and yellow strap. She gets in her pick up truck and the freezer is shown in the road strapped to the hand truck. She then proceeds to run the freezer over, but it is no longer on the hand truck. The hand truck and yellow strap are no where to be seen.