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Corrected entry: 1-11 "A Small Problem": At a swimming pool for juvenile swimmers - especially with such a water slide - the pool would have to be sufficiently deep to acommodate visitors comfortably. Yet Ben/Grey Matter seems to be standing on the pool's floor with ease, given that he is six inches tall and about two inches (his head) are above the water, since he makes no swimming movements. And despite all that, Howell Waynewright is able to fully submerge *and* grab Ben from below instead of from behind, which he would have to do if Ben had been swimming.

Correction: Gray Matter is an alien, he could very well be less dense in water which would cause him to float.

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Corrected entry: 0-0 entire series: When Ben changes from the alien forms back into human, he usually wears his usual attire: a white T-shirt and brown pants. But in some episodes, like "The Krakken" or "A Small Problem" he wears different clothes - or even just swimming trunks, yet he appears dressed in his normal clothes.

Correction: It doesn't matter what he was wearing at the time, just what he had on when the omnitrix first attached.


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Corrected entry: 1-8 Tourist Trap: One of Sparkville's 'giant' attraction is a huge ketchup bottle - filled with ketchup. It would rather be strange to keep the stuff - or even just paint - in a huge bottle out in the open, since it would either spoil, evaporate or dry up, and refills would come too expensive for a container this size.

Correction: It wouldn't evaporate as ketchup's a paste, not a fluid. It wouldn't dry up as long as the lid was on it. It wouldn't spoil as long as it had never been opened (ketchup in the grocery store isn't refrigerated). There's no reason not to have it full. And every reason, even if they must refill from time to time, to keep it topped off: tourist money.

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Grandpa Max Tennyson: Being a hero isn't about letting others know you did the right thing, it's about you knowing you did the right thing.
Ben Tennyson: What were you just doing, reading greeting cards back at the Mega Mart?
Grandpa Max Tennyson: Well... yes.



Season 4, episode 10 "Ben 10 vs. The Negative 10, Part 2": When the Forever King makes his announcement "Nothing will stop this little home-coming", he stands outside the Mount Rushmore base on bare soil. But in the scene where Max reviews the recording of this speech, all of a sudden we find the Forever King standing on a neatly tiled floor.



About all of the aliens found in attendance of Kevin's mega cruiser strangely resemble those individuals previously seen (on the selfsame ship) in episode 2-5, "Grudge Match", whereas they should have escaped the cruiser near the end of that episode.