The Outer Limits

The Outer Limits (1963)

1 revealing mistake in The Duplicate Man

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The Duplicate Man - S2-E13

Revealing mistake: This episode's futuristic video-phones seem to be a production afterthought not in the original script. Consequently, Mrs. James talks to her husband's clone on the phone, but doesn't seem to see him on the screen. She tells James, "He sounded like you," and goes on about his voice, but never mentions his appearance. Later, her reaction to seeing both of them together indicates she's never seen the duplicate before - even though she has, on the video-phone. (00:25:00)

Jean G

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Andro: Better to die than to sit and watch the world die.



When Dr. Stone's assistant helps him up from the floor, there's a lopsided, circular diagram drawn on the chalkboard behind them. One shot later, the diagram has changed into a perfectly round circle and has moved itself several inches higher on the board.



This is the only Outer Limits episode that lacks both opening and closing narration. It was absent because "Forms" was the unsold pilot for a series called The Unknown. A second version, stripped of all its supernatural elements (Tone was simply a mad scientist, not a real time traveler), also failed to sell.