The Venture Bros.
Show generally 1
Season 1
Season 1 generally 0
1 The Terrible Secret of Turtle Bay 0
2 Dia de los Dangerous 0
3 Careers in Science 0
4 Home Insecurity 0
5 The Incredible Mr. Brisby 0
6 Eeney, Meeney, Miney... Magic! 0
7 Ghosts of the Sargasso 0
8 Ice Station Impossible 0
9 Mid-Life Chrysalis 0
10 Are You There God, It's Me, Dean 0
11 Tag-Sale: You're It! 0
12 Past Tense 0
13 The Trial of the Monarch 0
14 Return to Spider-Skull Island 0
15 A Very Venture Christmas 0
Season 2
Season 2 generally 1
1 Powerless in the Face of Death 0
2 Hate Floats 0

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Brock Samson: Don't you have nothing else to do but harp on Dr. Venture? Why haven't you tried the World Domination thing, you afraid of the big leagues?
The Monarch: Please. How stupid do I look to you? World Domination. I'll leave that to the religious nuts or the Republicans, thank you.



In the episode "Assinanny," Colonel Gathers says to Brock Samson, "You're not in the Marines anymore." But in the earlier episode, "Past Tense," after the credits, there is a flashback to college again and Brock says, "I'm off to join the Army"