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1 mistake in The Lepidopterists

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The Lepidopterists - S3-E10

Continuity mistake: When the pirate captain gets shot in the arm with the tranq dart, both the dart and tourniquet change locations on his arm every cut. Even which one is higher up on his arm swaps. (00:11:17)

Brock Samson: You did this! You did this, didn't you? rrrah.
Baron √únderbheit: As usual, your detective skills are impeccable, Samson. You have succeeded in exposing my sinister plan to lock myself in a dungeon, chained to an albino.

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Show generally

Question: In the first episode of the second series, there is a mix of "Everybody's Free" by Rozalla. I have 4 mixes of this track, and it's not one of those. What is the name of this mix? Was it made especially for the show?

Gary O'Reilly

Chosen answer: It is a remix by Aquagen. Team Venture!


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