The Green Hornet

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Visible crew/equipment: "Ace in the Hole": When Reid is showing the DA his closed-circuit video of Mike, several pieces of white tape stuck to the carpet are visible. These are blocking marks, put there to show the actors where to stand.


Jean G

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Visible crew/equipment: "The Preying Mantis": The Green Hornet zaps the bad guy's rifle with his stinger ray. When the gun bursts into flames, the wire leading to the explosive special effects charge is visible trailing off to the right of the shot.


Jean G

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"Give 'Em Enough Rope": Reid's rear view mirror, missing in all the medium shots (processed in-studio with an obvious rear-screen projection), mysteriously reappears in full shot when his Chrysler pulls into the car shop.



According to his creators, Britt Reid is a descendant of the Lone Ranger's nephew, Dan Reid. Apparently the "masked man syndrome" ran in the family.