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Correction: The reflection in the toy bus window is the dog shaped charity collection box seen earlier in this episode not the camera.

Correction: None of that means that he has to know who his father is. If his mother was promiscuous, it's entirely plausible that he could live with her and his siblings but not know the identity of his father.

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Divided We Stand - S7-E6

Revealing mistake: When Harold and Albert are watching football on TV you only see the TV set from the back. If you look through the air vents you can see straight through it it - obviously a prop with no screen in it.

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Christmas Special 1974 (a.k.a. A Perfect Christmas) - S8-E7

Albert: I like Christmas TV - all them stars giving up their Christmases just to entertain us.
Harold: They don't give up their Christmases. All them programmes is recorded in October. When it comes Christmas they're all sunning themselves in the south of France; it's just us lot sat here in the cold watching them, ah you so simple.

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Show generally

Question: When exactly was Harold born? Throughout the whole show, both Harold and Albert give conflicting answers about Harold's age. For example, Albert states that Harold was born in 1932, yet in earlier seasons, it's said that Harold fought in World War 2. Could someone please explain?


Chosen answer: There is no definitive answer. In the original run of the series in the early sixties, Harold was given a birth year of 1925, matching that of Harry H Corbett, who played him, making him old enough to have fought in the war. When the show was brought back in the early seventies, his birth year was, for no immediately obvious reason, revised to 1932.

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