Airwolf (1984)

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Sweet Britches - S2-E1

Corrected entry: When the goons are trying to do away with Caitlin, Airwolf comes up and saves the day. Trouble is, how did String and Dominic know the intended route of Caitlin, and of the ensuing trouble?

Movie Nut

Correction: Hawke and Dominic were flying into the area for the first time to drop Hawke off. They just happened upon the attempted rape scene in the back of the truck, as it was on their flight-path out in the middle of the desert. Later on Hawke says to Caitlin from the jail cell "you're her!" She replies "What?" Then Hawke passes his observation off as he doesn't want to reveal he was flying the military helicopter.

Airwolf (a.k.a. Shadow of the Hawke) - S1-E1

Corrected entry: Dominic has never flown in Airwolf, and is unfamiliar with the controls, yet when they land in the desert to rescue Gabrielle, he knows exactly where the canteen is stored, and even tells Stringfellow where it is.

wizard_of_gore Premium member

Correction: Hawke (who runs ahead to Gabrielle's body lying in the sand) shouts back to Dominic (who's still clambering out of the back of Airwolf) to "get the canteen in the left storage bin".

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