Sweet Britches - S2-E1

Revealing mistake: When String uses Airwolf's rotor wash to blow over the pickup, when the camera is on the truck, you can see a cable pulling the truck up from the right side.

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Airwolf (a.k.a. Shadow of the Hawke) - S1-E1

Continuity mistake: When Stringfellow and Dominic first board Airwolf at the Libyan base, String gets in on Airwolf's right side, and pilots from there. When they land to rescue Gabrielle in the desert, he is in the left hand seat as the chopper lands and gets out of the left hand side.

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Proof Through the Night - S1-E4

Revealing mistake: As the camera flies over the ranch and house (simulating Airwolf's flight), the camera chopper's left skid is visible in the lower left corner of the shot. Airwolf is a Bell 222 with added features, and doesn't have skids.

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More mistakes in Airwolf

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Question: Who was filling Airwolf's armaments when only two people knew of its location? Every time they went out its weapons were always fully loaded with ammo.

William Wilkes

Chosen answer: Archangel and the Firm provided fuel and armaments. Dom and Hawke would have had to transport them to the lair to refuel and rearm.

Grumpy Scot

HX-1 - S2-E8

Question: Hawk asks Mace where St. John is both before he gets knocked out and sent to the desert, and in the scene where Mace is demonstrating the helicopter they stole capabilities. But Mace won't tell him. Why not just capture Mace and water-board him to force him to tell him where St. John is? Or inject a truth serum into Mace?

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Question: Why didn't Mace want to tell Stringfellow hawke where St. John is? Did Dunkirk tell him not to, or was he working with the people who were holding St. John prisoner?



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