NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service

Sandblast - S4-E7

Factual error: Lieutenant Colonel Mann explains to the NCIS team that a "99 Toyota" is the only unaccounted for vehicle from the golf course bombing. The vehicle is a Toyota but is obviously a mid-80's Corolla, with the last production year being 1987, making it over a decade older than Mann claims. Additionally, she would not have know the year of the vehicle prior to the team running the plate, nor would she have pointlessly assumed its year. (00:32:06)

Dead Man Walking - S4-E16

Factual error: The inspector is suffering from thallium poisoning. However, everyone is using various radiation detection methods to detect the thallium. Natural thallium is not radioactive. Of the artificial thallium, the only with a half-life long enough to last long enough to pose a problem is too weakly radioactive to be a significant hazard.

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Angel of Death - S4-E24

Factual error: When McGee is tracing the who sent the request for the polygraphs, the map bounces around the world. When he says Kurdistan, the map shows Armenia, and when it hits the Dominican Republic, McGee says Puerto Rico. (00:26:50)

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Yankee White - S1-E1

Factual error: Air Force One landed in Wichita, Kansas. The local coroner claimed Jurisdiction for Wichita County. The city of Wichita, Kansas is in Sedgwick County, in southern Kansas. Wichita County, Kansas is in western Kansas, about 250 miles from the city of Wichita. (00:05:40)

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Yankee White - S1-E1

Gibbs: I heard you quit, Agent Todd.
Kate Todd: Happy news travels fast. Yes, I resigned. It was the right thing to do.
Gibbs: Yep. Pull that crap at NCIS, I won't give you a chance to resign.
Kate Todd: Is that a job offer?

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Chosen answer: "Policing your brass", means to pick up your expended shell casings, after firing your rifle, or pistol.


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