Drawn Together

Drawn Together (2004)

2 corrected entries in season 2

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Clum Babies - S2-E5

Corrected entry: After Xandir gets pistol whipped, he falls and gets shot. Since he is a video game character, he should have just lost a life and respawned. Instead, he lays on the floor, dead.

Theresa Sandoval

Correction: Back in season 1, he committed suicide until he had one life left.


Clum Babies - S2-E5

Corrected entry: When Bob the Cucumber is about to go crazy, he pulls out a gun and shoots Clara in the head. She screams about a second after she gets shot. I don't think she would survive a shot to the head.

Theresa Sandoval

Correction: Actually many do survive. It is not always fatal. Look at the infamous (real-life) 1992 shooting of Mary Joe Buttafuco, who was shot in the head by her then husband's teenage lover Amy Fisher, dubbed the "Long Island Lolita." Just a few weeks ago, all three sat down for an interview. Mary Joe lost some of her hearing and has some memory loss but survived.

Luna Negra

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Super Nanny: What's going on here?
Toot: Oh, nothing. Captain Shero was just trying to take my barrette.
Captain Hero: It's pronounced Hero. The S is silent, you hithead.



Season 1 Episode 2: "Clara's Dirty Little Secret".When Princess Clara and her Evil Stepmother make up, the latter thanks Clara before the scene switches to the Confession Room. When she says 'Thank you', her lips do not move.



Season 1 Episode 6: "Dirty Pranking Number 2".In 2005, a group of Texas cheerleaders were arrested for defecating on a pizza and trying to give it back to a Domino's Pizza delivery man. They later admitted that they'd gotten the idea after seeing this episode. Comedy Central had no comment other than, "Oh, no."