Season 4 generally

Easter egg: Insert disk 4, then click watch episodes, then click more to go to episodes 22-24. If you highlight episode 22 Hungry Like a Wolf, then move your cursor down, you should then highlight a magnet entitled Babe Magnet. It is a 1 minute 31 second hidden Easter egg of ALF talking about a new reality show.

Justin Davis

Looking For Lucky - S1-E3

Continuity mistake: After Brian finds the note Alf left, we see William put the note under the microscope to inspect the tear drops. When William says "I'm going to go find him," he stands up and we see him leave the note on the microscope. When the camera cuts to William walking through the door, he all of a sudden has the note in his hand that was left on the microscope. (00:12:55 - 00:13:35)

Justin Davis

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ALF: On Melmac, we have 1st class, 2nd class and ham.

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Keepin' the Faith - S1-E5

Question: When Al is holding a stack of towels, the Tanners say that he is "carrying towels through the damp." What does that mean?

Answer: Mr Tanner actually asks Alf, "Why are you carrying our towels through the den?" The streaming subtitles are wrong when it substitutes "damp" for "den" twice. It's possible the error originated from the VHS or DVD, which occurs often.

Super Grover

Yes, I was re-watching episodes, and I heard "den" the next time. Thank you for answering, though.

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