Wanted (2005)

1 plot hole in season 1

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Rush - S1-E1

Plot hole: At the start, they state that they have 96 criminals to go. They bring up the photos of all 96 wanted felons. They then learn that Machado has been pushed to the top of the list and they bring up his file. You can see his mug shot on the screen, among the list of 96, as they zoom into his file. If he is in jail and has not yet escaped, how can he be in the list of 96?

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When Rose is introduced to the entire team McGloin shakes her hand and says that he (respects or admires) anyone that has survived the POW school. She smiles, nods and walks away. McGloin then explains to the last remaining teammate that all NIOs attend the POW school and explains briefly what it is. First: It is the SERE school. Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape not really POW. Second: Not all, not even most, NIOs attend SERE school, just some.