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Drake and Josh (2004)

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Guitar - S1-E8

Corrected entry: When Josh buys Drake another guitar, he hands the shop assistant his credit card, picks up the guitar and its case and runs out the shop. The shop assistant hands Josh his card back, but Josh doesn't sign the bill, so the purchase isn't authorised.

Correction: The credit card will still be billed regardless of whether the store's bill has a signature. The transaction is authorized (if the credit card is valid) electronically by the bank. The bill that you sign is for the store's records.


Football - S1-E10

Corrected entry: When Megan empties the potting soil into the bowl of brownie batter, she mixes it in with her hand - yet when she withdraws her hand, it's clean. Her hand should have been covered with brownie batter.

Jeff Swanson

Correction: If you look closely, the bottom of her hand is covered in the brownie batter.

The Mean Teacher - S1-E17

Corrected entry: After Kelly and Drake leave and Allison and Josh kiss, they say they want to go to a movie to kiss and they run into the movie, yet Josh purchases no tickets.

Timothy Smith 2

Correction: Josh works at the theater so it is possible that employees don't have to pay, or it is taken out of his paycheck.

Pilot - S1-E1

Corrected entry: When Drake is talking to Tiffany, the back of her hair is completely straight. When the camera goes to the back of her head, her hair is messed up, then when the camera goes back to the back of her head, her hair is straight again.

Correction: It is only slightly messed up, you see Tiffany shake her head when she says something like 'I don't mind that at all', her could have gotten slightly messed up from that.

Grammy - S1-E6

Corrected entry: In the basketball scene the layout of the garden is a lot different from the episode 'two idiots and a baby.'

Correction: Lets say there is some sort of room sticking out at the back of the house, it is entirely possible for basketball court to be on one side and the 'Two Idiots and a Baby' garden on the other side.

Little Diva - S1-E13

Corrected entry: At the after party Josh is showing Drake how he got an autograph from Ethan LaRoche. Josh says , "He dots his I's with little hearts". The name Ethan LaRoche has no I's in it.

Correction: Sometimes when people sign autographs, they don't just write their name, but other things too, like "To Josh Nichols". So it's likely that Ethan wrote something like this, besides his name, that had an "I" in it.

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