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Corrected entry: In the episode when Drake joins the Academic team just to impress a girl, look at the scene when the academic game starts. For about a second, before the announcer starts talking, the Belliview scoreboard says 1. Then immediately flashes back to zero.

logan crews

Correction: A key on a scoreboard's control console either got pushed accidentally, or has had possible signal interference from a cell phone or pager, and then is immediately rectified. This happens. There is no mistake here.

Super Grover Premium member

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Corrected entry: In the episode 4-47 Tree House, when Josh screws in the wall of the tree house, that means he had a drill. So how could Drake and Josh get stuck in the tree house if he could use the drill to unscrew the wall?

Correction: They eventually get the idea to use the drill to unscrew the wall - that is, until Meghan decides to unplug the drill from down below. This is how the two boys come to be stuck in the treehouse.

Movie_Freak 1

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Corrected entry: Josh says his first kiss was with Mindy. He said he waited 15 years for his first kiss. On Believe me, Brother, He kisses Drakes girlfriend. That means his first kiss wasn't when he was 15. He was a lot younger.

Correction: Mindy was his girlfriend and the kiss he got with Drake's girlfriend was forced on him and caused a huge fight between him and Drake. In reality I think he would not want to mention how his first kiss really was. Besides character mistakes are not movie mistakes.

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