My Little Pony and Friends

My Little Pony and Friends (1986)

1 continuity mistake in Fugitive Flowers (2)

Starring: Bettina Bush

Genres: Animated, Family

Fugitive Flowers (2) - S1-E39

Continuity mistake: After Megan, Posey and Cherrie's Jubilee sing 'Remember, Always Look Twice,' Posey says, "I just can't believe flowers could be capable of such things." Whizzer then flies towards them and says, "We found them, Megan. The lake, the lake" (referring to the Crabnasties). As she walks towards Megan to give her a ride, Cherries Jubilee's eyes turn blue. When Whizzer flies off with Megan on her back, Cherries Jubilee's eyes are back to green.

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