The Beverly Hillbillies
Episode Title Mistakes
Season 3
5Doctor Jed Clampett0
6Jed the Heartbreaker0
7Back to Marineland0
8Teenage Idol0
9The Widow Poke Arrives0
10The Ballet0
11The Boarder0
12The Boarder Stays0
13Start the New Year Right0
14Clampett General Hospital0
15The Movie Starlet0
16Elly in the Movies0
17Dash Riprock, You Cad0
18Clampett A-Go-Go0
19Granny's Romance0
20Jed's Temptation0
21Double Naught Jethro0
22Clampett's Millions0
23Drysdale's Dog Days0
24Brewster's Honeymoon0

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