Blake's 7

Dawn of the Gods - S3-E4

Factual error: Tarrant fails Astronomy 101 here, just as Travis did in the first season. He tells the clerk, "I'm surprised you've heard of it (the FSA), if you're from another galaxy." The Tharn and his minions were not extragalactic; they were from other planets in our galaxy.


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Volcano - S3-E3

Factual error: Cally has some trouble counting in this one. She telepathically informs Avon that there are three troopers boarding Liberator - but there are four.

00:29:00 - 00:32:15

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Ultraworld - S3-E10

Factual error: The Ultra may be expert collectors of knowledge, but they have their facts wrong about Avon, who tried to steal 5 million credits from the Federation banking system. The Ultra think it was 500 million.


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Volcano - S3-E3

Factual error: Liberator's medical treatments are certainly weird. Vila dresses Avon's wounded arm with padding that's put on over top of his clothing.


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Volcano - S3-E3

Factual error: Cally's bracelet falls off while she's being dragged to the platform by the troopers, but she somehow manages to teleport down to the planet with them anyway. And the lost bracelet later miraculously appears on her wrist in time to bring her back up again.


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The Harvest of Kairos - S3-E5

Factual error: Tarrant is some pilot. He miraculously gets the LEM into orbit without any rocket boosters or propulsion system of any kind - and with its landing gear still attached.


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During Blake's first encounter with Cally, the smudges on the front of his tunic (including a big chalky footprint left by her boot) disappear, reappear and rearrange themselves several times between shots.



It's not every day you can shoot your wife in front of millions of witnesses and get away with it. Klyn, the woman behind the console who sounds the alarm before Avon shoots her, was played by Paul Darrow's real-life wife, Janet Lees Price.