Blake's 7

Animals - S4-E5

Continuity mistake: Maybe he ran into a barber along the way? Avon beams into the woods on Bucol 2 with his hair brushed straight back, but a few shots later, it's restyled and combed neatly down over his forehead.

00:43:35 - 00:44:45

Jean G

Animals - S4-E5

Continuity mistake: When Avon & Co. barnstorm the ruined lab, a large piece of plastic debris on the floor is there when they enter, but then disappears between takes. Avon actually slips on it coming in, and does a hilariously un-macho little balancing dance. To quote (and agree with) actor Paul Darrow: "I can't believe they left that in!"


Jean G

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During Blake's first encounter with Cally, the smudges on the front of his tunic (including a big chalky footprint left by her boot) disappear, reappear and rearrange themselves several times between shots.



It's not every day you can shoot your wife in front of millions of witnesses and get away with it. Klyn, the woman behind the console who sounds the alarm before Avon shoots her, was played by Paul Darrow's real-life wife, Janet Lees Price.