Blake's 7

Blake's 7 (1978)

3 mistakes in Gambit

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Gambit - S2-E11

Revealing mistake: When he sits on the floor in front of Servalan, Jarrier's earring falls off. He fumbles at it briefly, and then the actor breaks character for just a moment, glancing nervously at the camera. When it's apparent there won't be a retake, he goes on with his lines.


Jean G

Gambit - S2-E11

Revealing mistake: Blake hands Cally a photo of Docholli, supposedly obtained from Zen. It's a publicity still of the actor that's not only in black & white (how low tech), but Cally has to hold her thumb rather conspicuously over the very 20th Century necktie he's wearing in the photo. You can see a bit of it anyway.


Jean G

Gambit - S2-E11

Continuity mistake: The molecularly miniaturized Orac has been hidden in a metal box while Avon & Vila smuggle him into the casino. Back on the ship, Orac returns to his normal size, but the metal case around him doesn't get larger too - it instantly disappears.


Jean G

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