The Cat's Meow - S3-E9

New this month Continuity mistake: When they are eating breakfast and the cat escapes: in one shot Jake has a bowl of cereal and Elizabeth is in her high chair, the next shot shows Jake without cereal and Elizabeth is not in her high chair. The camera moves to show the cat run out the door and Kyra chase after it and Van, Cheyenne, and Jake leave the kitchen. The camera moves back to the table and suddenly Jake's cereal bowl is back and Elizabeth is in her high chair and Reba asks her if she would like a pancake.

The Cat's Meow - S3-E9

Continuity mistake: One moment Reba will be holding a potato chip, then she isn't holding one (and hasn't eaten it). The next shot after shows her holding a potato chip again.


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Reba: I know what Kyra is doing.
Brock Hart: Like you did with Cheyenne?
Reba: Oh, one time! The one time our daughter gets pregnant and I never hear the end of it.



The establishing shots of the houses in the series show houses that nowhere match with the interiors and how they are set up. In addition the exterior sets are nowhere the same as how the establishing shots show what the outsides look like.



As everyone is getting ready to welcome Sadie, Barbara-Jean randomly says, "Jerry Maguire is my favorite movie." Mellisa Peterman (Barbara-Jean) played Hooker 2 in Fargo which was up against Jerry Maguire for a Best Picture Oscar.