The Cost of Living - S3-E5

Audio problem: In the scene where Mr. Eko dies, he starts saying "Psalm 23." He says the first line, but when it cuts to him backing away he's half way through (note: righteousness).

Exodus (1) - S1-E23

Audio problem: After the airport scene where Sun spills coffee on Jin, it cuts to Sun approaching Jin while he is fixing and banging on the raft. The banging sound isn't synced with him hitting the raft.

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White Rabbit - S1-E5

Audio problem: While Claire is lying down, just after she says, "Our only hunter's gonna get eaten so he can get the pregnant girl some more water," we hear Charlie say, "I wouldn't worry about that," but his lips just begin to open mid-sentence, and he certainly doesn't say that. (00:24:40)

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Tabula Rasa - S1-E3

Audio problem: When Charlie helps Claire with her bag, Claire remarks, "So you guys hiked all the way up that mountain for nothing," and in the next shot she keeps talking, but nothing is heard. (00:16:20)

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Tabula Rasa - S1-E3

Audio problem: When the farmer says, "You've been here for almost three months now, and every time I ask you," to Kate, it cuts, showing the farmer from behind saying "you get that look on your eyes," but his mouth isn't moving at all during the last sentence. (00:17:45)

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The Greater Good (a.k.a. Sides) - S1-E21

Audio problem: When Sayid and Essam sit in the truck with explosives, Sayid says, "Her name is Nadia, they know where I can find her," and in the shot facing Essam, when he is done with that line Sayid's mouth continues to move, but nothing is heard. (00:06:35)

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One of Them - S2-E14

Audio problem: When Sayid says to Henry Gale "You want to know who I am" The voice sounds nothing like Naveen Andrews,. (00:30:05)

Do No Harm - S1-E20

Audio problem: After Claire's baby is born, when Jack speaks to Kate he says, "It's a beautiful healthy baby," and in the next shot, facing Kate, Jack is still speaking but nothing is heard. (00:41:55)

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The End (1) - S6-E17

Audio problem: When Desmond, Locke and Jack are standing outside the cave with light, Desmond says "maybe I can find a way out for you too," or something like that. Jack replies, "there are no do-overs." The camera then goes to over Jack's right shoulder as he says, "I tried that once." However, the words don't match what his mouth is saying.

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