Bad Girls

Bad Girls (1999)

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Plot hole: In series 5 episode 13 where Jim Fenner frames Karen Betts, the CCTV footage shows this to be July 2003. Yvonne Atkins is killed a few episodes later. In season 7 episode 10 it is said to the be the 1 year anniversary of Yvonne's death, placing this as sometime after July 2004, yet Jim Fenner's tombstone shows a death date of 12th July 2005. In series 7 episode 1 Tina O'Kane sets fire to a clothes shop and is sent to Larkhall, where in series 8 episode 7 it is said she has served 4 months on remand and set free. But in series 7 episode 11, Neil Grayling tells police that Jim Fenner has only been in the post for a few months. The time periods of all of these events cannot be reconciled.

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