Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Poison - S1-E7

Trivia: At Loretta Marlon's plea hearing, her lawyer mentions a ham sandwich after ADA Carver says the evidence was good enough for a grand jury to indict her. This is a reference to the ease district attorneys have in getting indictments. It is said it originated from a former New York chief judge, Sol Wachtler, who said "district attorneys now have so much influence over grand juries that by and large they could get them to indict a ham sandwich." Later, Tom Wolfe used the reference in the novel "The Bonfire of the Vanities."


Self-made - S7-E7

Continuity mistake: Near the end, the detectives give Hawkins the murdered woman's manuscript to read and compare. The stack of papers they give him is easily 300-400 pages thick and held together with a large binder clip. Moments later, in a fit of anger, Hawkins throws the manuscript in the air and papers fly everywhere. The problem is that he throws no more than 50 pages in the air.

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Poison - S1-E7

Ron Carter: In light of the severity of these crimes, we ask for remand, your honor.
Ms. O'Brien: In light of the weakness of their evidence, remand is absurd.
Ron Carver: The evidence past mustard with the grand jury.
Ms. O'Brien: Oh right, was my client indicted before or after the ham sandwich?

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