The League of Gentlemen

Trivia: To avoid conflict, and to save time, the league write the show in pairs. Mark writes with Jeremy (the unseen one), and Steve with Reece.

Dan Moat

Trivia: The league were invited to open a new section of the real-life butchers that they use in the show.

Dan Moat

Trivia: Hadfield, the place the streets of Royston Vasey are filmed at, has many league related shops. These include the butchers (used in the show), which sell "Special sausages" ala the show, and The Cafe Royston, which has many themed foods, including Tubbs Teacakes.

Dan Moat

Trivia: In an episode of series 1, Dr. Chinnery blows up a tortoise with pressurised air. The owner of the tortoise features again in the Christmas special of the show during the "Tale of Karrit Poor" as the owner of the rabbit Dr. Edmund Chinnery saved before he befell his unfortunate curse.

Trivia: The place where the programme is set 'Roysten Vasey' Is actually the real name of comedian Roy Chubby Brown, who appears in several shows as the mayor .

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