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Pilot - S1-E1

Corrected entry: The note Ryan's mom leaves him on the counter says (among other things, the note is hard to read even on zoom), "your stuff is in a bag in your room" however he never goes to collect it, which is strange because if he left without it, Ryan would have practically no other material possessions other than the small bag he took to the Cohen's.

Correction: Ryan is a kid from Chino, he has hardly any material possessions. Before he lived in a ramshackle hut, and now he lives in a pool house which is probably 20 times bigger then his old home and the Cohen's buy everything new for him anyways. Ryan left most of his past behind - that includes his bag - and got the chance to live a better life.

Ronnie Bischof

Correction: Ryan is in the architecture program. It is a five year program, so the year is correct.

At a freshman orientation, the welcoming banners are for the student body at large, not the small number of students who will be entering a five-year program. In addition, Berkeley's architecture program since the 1960s actually is not a five-year program, but rather a "four plus two," where students complete a non-professional bachelor of arts degree in four years, followed by a professional master of architecture degree after two more years. So that's four or six years, not five.

The Gamble - S1-E3

Corrected entry: When Ryan's mom looks down at him sleeping before she leaves, she isn't wearing her sunglasses. Kirstin comes in, and as Ryan's mom turns her sunglasses are suddenly on.


Correction: Actually you can see her put them on. She has her sunglasses in her hands when she looks down on Ryan. As soon as she turns around you can see her lift her left hand up, putting her glasses on. She does it quick, but its visible.

The Escape - S1-E7

Corrected entry: Seth tells Summer that he is Jewish, and we know that Sandy is, which can't altogether be true because if a Jewish man marries outside of the faith then his children can't be Jewish. Only women who marry outside the faith can have their children be Jewish.

Correction: I know someone who converted to Judaism, technically he can not be Jewish either, but he says he is. Only the truly orthodox Jews follow rules like that, many reformed Jews do not.


Season 2 generally

Corrected entry: When Marissa shoots Trey in the Season 2 finale, the blood changes from shot to shot. When the bullet first hits his back, blood sprays and drips from the wound, and then later when he's slumped over unconscious, the wound is small with hardly any blood. The wound on his chest also has little blood but then in the next shot it's all over his white singlet.

Correction: There is no mistakes on the "blood work". When he gets shot from the behind the blood sprays and drips - according to his position over Ryan - onto his brother. We can not make out the size of the wound and as entry-wounds are normally very small, there is no mistake why it is small in the end as well. The blood around the wound when he is lying down is only a small area, that's because dripped straight out and never was on his shirt. When he starts to bleed on his chest there is a small drip in the beginning leaving a little mark on the shirt, but regarding the cloth of his shirt it'll suck up the blood quite easily and as Trey is "checking" the wound with his fingers - which are bloody as well from the fight - he'd spread the blood even more.

Ronnie Bischof

The Homecoming - S1-E11

Corrected entry: Theresa tells Marissa that she has lived next door to Ryan all of her life, which can't be true because in "The Gamble" Ryan says that they also lived in Fresno before his dad was arrested.

Correction: She actually says that they "grew up together", which doesn't have to mean they've known each other their whole lives. Ryan could have met her when he was 5 years old, 6, or whatever.


Correction: If you pause it just after Ryan signs, you can tell it says Ryan Atwood by the strokes at the start of each word.

Pilot - S1-E1

Corrected entry: In the scene when Marissa asks to bum a cigarette, she turns back towards her house. At the back of that shot, you see someone in the dark walking, then they duck out of the shot.

Correction: That is a bush moving in the wind.


Pilot - S1-E1

Corrected entry: In the last scene of the episode when Sandy drops Ryan off back at his house in Chino, when Ryan realises that his mum has left him he goes to walks out of the door with Sandy. If you look outside on the street before they go out of the door, on the right hand side there is a camera and other crew in the background.

Correction: There is just a man sitting outside, with an object with the sun reflecting off it, this doesn't mean it is a camera or a crew member.


Show generally

Corrected entry: In the episode 1.22, "The L.A.", Ryan tells Luke several times (most explicitly while Luke plays pool in the student union) that he will be spending the day with Marissa, to give Luke a chance to break things off with Julie. Why, then, would Luke just walk into Ryan's pool house at the end of the episode and announce in a loud voice that he was "done having sex with Julie Cooper" without making sure that Marissa had already left? Since he had just come from Marissa's house he knew she wasn't there, and he didn't know anyone but Ryan had gone to LA with her, there's nowhere else she could have been. Even Luke isn't that stupid - it's designed to facilitate the character leaving two episodes later.


Correction: Ryan knew that Luke would have a hard time breaking it off with Julie, that's why Ryan called so many times, so Luke went to Ryans poolhouse to tell him it was over in person. He just assumed that after LA, Marissa went to her best friend, Summer's house, as usual.

Correction: This differs between versions. Kirsten doesn't say that on the DVD, but some people can hear it on the TV version.

The Outsider - S1-E5

Corrected entry: There is a short montage of Marissa trying out different hair styles before going over to see Ryan. She finally settles on one, smiles and walks off, but when she arrives at Ryan's house her hair is styled differently.


Correction: That was not a blooper, that was supposed to be like that. She couldn't decide and then she changed her hair AGAIN before she even got there. It further shows how she couldn't make up her mind.

The Accomplice - S2-E10

Corrected entry: Ryan shows up late for dinner at the restaurant where Lindsay and Caleb are waiting for him because of "traffic". We later see Lindsay driving him home. Since Sandy, Kirsten and Seth were all occupied elsewhere and Lindsay was already at the restaurant, the only other option is that Ryan drove himself, but if this was the case, why would he need a ride home with Lindsay?


Correction: He could have taken the bus or a taxi. There are many other ways to get places.


The Rivals - S1-E17

Corrected entry: When Oliver says "sweet talking my way into a club (living in France) isn't the same as conjugating the infinitive (studying with Merissa)", the infinite isn't conjugated, it's the verb in its unconjugated state. (00:11:10)

Correction: Which is exactly why you have to conjugate it.

The Rainy Day Women - S2-E14

Corrected entry: In the Spiderman kiss scene, Seth would not be hanging vertically if he was tied at the waist, showing that he was wearing another harness or some type of rigging to keep him vertical.

Correction: We don't see his feet; they could have been caught in the rope. No reason for him to hang horizontally.

Ronnie Bischof

The Anger Management - S3-E7

Corrected entry: During a conversation with Julie, Charlotte asks her if she's worried about Kirsten getting hurt (via their fundraising scam), Julie responds 'Kirsten, my son...' Julie obviously doesn't have a son. (00:28:27)

Correction: She says "Kirsten, Marissa", referring for her older daughter. She doesn't say "my son."


The SnO.C. - S2-E5

Continuity mistake: In Series 2, Episode 'The SnOC', we see Zach punching Seth with his right fist. However, when Summer gives him some ice, he covers his left fist with it (which is now bruised and swollen).

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Summer: Where other than the Bait Shop are tickets always plentiful and the band never too loud to talk over?

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The Rescue - S1-E8

Trivia: Seth is surprised that Summer has read the book "Madame Bovary". She explains that it's the favorite book of patient Tom Shales, who is incontinent (lacking normal voluntary control of excretory functions). Tom Shales is a Washington Post critic who blasted "The O.C." in his review.

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The Blaze of Glory - S2-E16

Question: When Julie comes to Alex and Marissa's apartment and they argue, Marissa says that she'll just steal if she can't get a job, and says that Julie knows she is good at that. What is she referring to?

Answer: She is referring the episode entitled: The Best Chrismukkah Ever, episode 13, season 1. She goes out christmas shopping with Ryan and gets stopped by a security when she is out by Ryan's car. He asks to look inside her bag and finds a stolen watch and some other stolen things.

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