Tru Calling

Putting Out Fires - S1-E2

Continuity mistake: The first time Tru lives the day, she has breakfast with her brother first thing in the morning. Harrison goes to put sugar in his coffee and the lid falls off. The second time, they go out together much later (after Tru goes shopping with Lindsay), and Tru manages to grab the sugar lid just before it falls off. But people have been eating at the restaurant all day, so it's not at all likely that the lid would still have been loose. Plus, the same patrons are seen in the diner even though it should be a completely different crowd.

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Throughout the series, auxiliary characters are always far too willing to give all kinds of information to Tru. Doctors and registrars constantly give her privileged information about patients and students. Tru is often able to retrieve information like addresses and phone numbers from people's service and utility companies, when normally you must verify your own information before they will even talk to you about your account. Of course there can't be an episode if Tru doesn't quickly find the person who asked for her help, even though she doesn't usually know much more than their name, but it's still a bit conspicuous.