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Exodus (1) - S4-E22

Corrected entry: The ring transporter device is being used incorrectly in this episode. When you go up, the rings come from above, get you, and then go back up. When you go down, the rings come from below, get you and then go back down. Several times when the characters are going back and forth between the planet and the ship, the rings come up from the ground and then go back down when they should be coming from above.

Sol Parker

Correction: This is incorrect as in many episodes the rings of the ring transporter come up from the ground. It only depends on whether there is a ceiling or not. As out in the open on planets the rings come up from the ground, whereas if they are in a building or in a ship, they may come down from the ceiling. But it does not depend on whether they are transporting "up" to a ship or "down" to a planet.

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