Bottom (1991)

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Corrected entry: The episode 'Culture' focuses for some time on Eddie attempting to teach Richie how to play chess. However, in the earlier episode 'Apocalypse', Richie already knows how to play chess, as he offers to teach Death/Eddie the rules. Eddie conversely claims he doesn't know the rules, but this could just be to help him refuse Richie's offer.

Correction: You just corrected your own mistake. Richie doesn't know how to play chess. He offers to play chess against "Death" because he thinks, if nothing else, it'll prolong the inevitable. Eddie then claims he doesn't know the rules because he can't be bothered playing chess, he just wants the money. Richie tells him he'll teach him how to play because that means he can make up whatever rules he wants to ensure he wins.

Gary O'Reilly