Bottom (1991)

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Dough - S3-E4

Corrected entry: While Dick's talking about the time he played for Queens Park Rangers, he says that Trevor Francis was the manager that signed him, and then adds that in his first match, Les Ferdinand punched him for scoring an own goal. Ferdinand never played for QPR while Trevor Francis was manager, however - it was the next manager, Don Howe, who gave him his debut for the club.


Correction: Dick was probably just making the whole thing up. It seems unlikely that any football manager would sign a player who doesn't even know which end of the pitch they're meant to be playing towards, to say nothing of actually selecting such a player for a match.

Dough - S3-E4

Corrected entry: When Eddie, Richie, Spudgun and Dave Hedgehog try to get the money from the quiz to pay Skullcrusher, the barman asks the four guys a question. Since the question is a little hard, Richie tells Eddie, "I'll go and look it up in the encyclo." When Richie goes back into the gent's and tries to walk into the cubicle, the door is locked. After 5 seconds, Richie says "You b*****d," kicks the door, and goes into the cubicle to fight the man. However, if you look closely at the floor when Richie is "fighting," there is only one shadow moving about on the floor. Richie is kicking/knocking the walls and the door of the cubicle by himself.

Correction: It is actually quite a convincing fight, you don't see any shadow on the floor during the entire thing. And there has to be another person in the cubicle because he pushes out the encylopedia from under the door.


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