Full Metal Panic!
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Season 1
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1 I Want to Protect You 0
2 Laundry Panic 0
3 Kidnap 0
4 The Whispered One 0
5 Still Alive 0
6 Boy Meets Girl 0
7 Part Time Steady 0
8 Dangerous Safehouse 0
9 Run Running Ran 0
10 Behemoth Wakes 0
11 One Night Stand 0
12 Cat and Kittens' R+R 0
13 Narushima Burning? 0
14 Wind Rising in the Homeland 1 0
15 Wind Rising in the Homeland 2 0
16 Wind Rising in the Homeland 3 0
17 Ocean Party 0
18 Engage 6 7 0

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The anime TV series, originally scheduled to debut on Japanese television in October 2001, was delayed in respect for the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks in the United States. The Japanese release of an anime TV series about teenagers fighting international terrorists was considered tactless so soon after the attacks against the U.S. by international terrorists. It was released January 8, 2002, three months after its originally announced premier date.