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Alien Marriage - S1-E11

Corrected entry: In this episode, Vint is asked to marry an alien woman to help her get her green card. By this point in the season, he is already married to Naomi. Is it legal for a man to be married to two women at once?

Correction: Vinton is not married to Naomi in this episode. This may be episode 11 in sequence, but the events are out of sequence. Naomi visits Mama in the backyard, and she still has her house. She is not engage to Vinton. It is a continuity error.

Vent married Naomi in episode 3 season 1. The Alien Marriage was season 1 episode 11.

Correction: "Mama's Family" episodes were aired out of order. "Alien Marriage" was the second episode produced (production code 7002) while the "The Wedding" episodes were the 6th and 7th episodes produced (production code 7006/7007). Therefore, in the context of the show as written and produced, Vint isn't married. When watching in order as the episodes aired, this would be a flashback episode.


No Room at the Inn - S2-E15

Corrected entry: In her answering machine message, Aunt Effie refers to Thelma as her cousin. If Effie is Thelma's cousin, then she is a cousin once removed to Vint, Eunice, and Ellen, and a cousin twice removed to Buzz and Sonya - not their aunt.


Correction: It's very common for people to call someone their aunt or uncle, even if they're not really related to them in this way. It's used as a term of respect and affection.

Correction: Thelma says baby not Betty. Which leads to the altercation between Fran and Ellen.

Yes and this was always the bone of contention for Eunice, that Ellen was the favorite daughter and not Eunice. It was always Ellen "darlin'" or Ellen "Baby" or Ellen you were always so beautiful etc.

What a Dump - S5-E11

Corrected entry: When it is announced that Mama's block has been chosen for the new city dump, Iola states that she would have to move too. Being that Iola lives across the street she does not live on the same block as Mama and therefore would not be affected.

Correction: "Block" in this case is simply a synonym for "neighbourhood." As shown at the start of the episode, Mama hosted a "block party" - a community gathering. Therefore, the whole neighbourhood, including Iola, would be impacted.

Show generally

Corrected entry: It is well known that Vint had two kids in the opening of Mama's Family, but later on, Vint and Naomi try to conceive and are having trouble. They all assume that it is Vint, but he already has two kids and this was never mentioned during the time they were trying.

Correction: Fertility can change over a person's lifetime. Just because Vint has had two kids in the past doesn't mean he can't have trouble fathering a new one now.

But when Naomi gets pregnant, Vint also says he's excited to finally be a father. But he already has two kids.

In the basement, when Naomi tells Vint (who has two older teenagers) that she's "already pregnant," Vint does not say that he's excited to finally be a father. Vint's actual reply is, "You mean I'm gonna be a daddy, again?" Note that Vint says, "again" after a beat.

Super Grover

More Power to You - S5-E16

Corrected entry: During the episode Mama's electricity is shut off. Toward the end of the episode the power comes back on and the "blender" comes on and everyone rejoices about the power being restored. The blender should still be running, but it's not. No one turned it off or unplugged it.

Randy DeShong

Correction: Bubba is seen getting up from the table going toward the blender when the power comes back on. The blender is then shut off out of view but it is clear that Bubba shut it off.

Mama Gets a Job - S1-E7

Corrected entry: In 'Mama Gets a Job', she is at the Raytown Travel Agency answering phones. The first time she picks up the phone, it kept ringing because she didn't hit a button. She is taught how to answer and then Buzz calls which she hits the button for. Right after that Vint calls. She does not hit any buttons but she is able to talk to him. (00:14:50)

Correction: The phones in that time frame of show would have been push button that lock on one line and you can answer that line the next time it rings or hit another button to answer another line.

Fran's Dress - S1-E10

Corrected entry: In this episode when talking to Fran, Mama states, "I used to iron with my right hand, mash potatoes with my left, with four screaming kids under me." However, Mama only had three kids on the show: Vint, Unice, and Ellen. Where did the fourth kid come from?

Correction: It's an exaggeration implying that she worked herself to the bone taking care of them as kids. (Research "Uphill Both Ways In The Snow To School" for a classic example).


It could have been Iola because she hung out at their house when she was a little girl.

The mistake isn't about her exaggerating, it's about her not knowing how many kids she had. She only had 3 kids and there's nothing to indicate she was raising someone else's kid, and the show never mentions some unnamed son out west.


She has Phillip as well? Just never in the dream sequences, which is odd to me.

Correction: She had another child, a son out west.

I don't ever remember this being said.

Flaming Forties - S2-E1

Corrected entry: When Thelma, Fran, and Naomi get up on stage and lip-sync to "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy," they do a coordinated dance. In the real world (i.e., not a musical), three people can't decide to do a dance together on the spur of the moment, and somehow spontaneously know all the steps to a three minute dance.


Correction: They don't decide to do the dance on the spur of the moment-earlier in the episode, Thelma tells Vint that they were planning on pantomiming to the record, which means they would have rehearsed the dance.

Correction: It's a TV and movie convention, you just have to suspend disbelief otherwise 99% of the dance numbers in TV shows and movies would never exist.


At the 6:46 mark of the episode, Thelma tells Vint that Naomi, Fran and herself are going to pantomime dance as the Andrew sisters and has him sit down so she can show him the dance that they have choreographed when she is interrupted by Buzz and Sonia telling her they voted to have a "punk" dance with the group Medication.

This was a fundraiser dance at Edgar Allen Poe H.S. in Raytown. They were trying to "save" the school auditorium/gym. The punk band did not arrive, so Thelma, Fran and Naomi went on stage to save the dance. Prior to the students voting to have the punk band to perform, Buzz and Sonja, had given the idea of a 1940's USO Revival. T, F and N had already practiced this lip sync and dance routine w/the belief they would perform it. Also, 40 yrs ago who didn't lip sync and try to copy Michael Jackson?

It's a convention of musicals, where singing and dancing are fanciful or are depicted as performed by characters who are actors that have rehearsed a performance. It doesn't apply to this scene of a non-musical sitcom where the characters are aware that they are singing and dancing on the spur of the moment, and have not prepared for it in advance.


An Ill Wind - S3-E8

Revealing mistake: After they break out of the basement, Iola remains down there, with no indication that she is coming up. However right after we can see her skirt on the staircase, waiting to make her entrance later in the scene.

luke f

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Naomi Oates Harper: Oh, you just love to put people down, don't you, Mrs. Harper?
Thelma 'Mama' Harper: It is not only a pleasure, I see it as my duty.

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