Trivia: Josh Ryan Evans died in surgery on August 5, 2002 mere hours after his character Timmy was killed off on that day's episode.


Trivia: At the end of 2005, Sharon Wyatt joined the cast of this NBC soap as crazed Rachel Barrett, who "torments" Alistair Crane, played by John Reilly. This is not the first time these two actors play opposite each other. They played the lovable, nutty couple Tiffany "Elsie Mae" Hill and Sean Donely, on ABC's General Hospital, for many years. (Now if only Tristan Rogers would join the cast.)

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Continuity mistake: Did any one else notice that Sheridan gave birth without ever taking off her pants?

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Jessica Bennett: You can't give up on Charity, Miguel. Would Leonardo give up on Kate? Would Ross give up on Rachel? Would Bo give up on Hope?

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