Blackadder mistake picture

The Foretelling - S1-E1

Visible crew/equipment: After Blackadder has his haircut, the camera zooms in on his foot. He lifts his foot revealing a red tape marker on the floor.


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The Archbishop - S1-E3

Visible crew/equipment: Just after Edmund, Baldrick and Percy get up from sitting by the fire, and before the line "The Black Adder will be King next", the shadow of the boom mike can be seen on Baldrick's hat - it moves upwards quickly so can be hard to spot.


Born to Be King - S1-E2

Visible crew/equipment: When Harry tells Blackadder to be in charge of the welcoming of King Richard's return, as Blackadder turns around and walks against the fireplace saying "12 months of chasing sheep.", if you look closely on the top of the fireplace you should be able to see the shadow of the boom mic moving. It's quite hard to see, but it's there.


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The Black Seal - S1-E6

Visible crew/equipment: In the final shot where Percy and Baldrick have entered the room and said their lines, as it fades to black the crew can be heared applauding.

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The Foretelling - S1-E1

Visible crew/equipment: After King Richard has been crowned, Blackadder, Baldrick and Percy return to their chambers and start cheering. When Blackadder says "We're safe, and I am a prince of the realm" you can see the boom mike move up in the right corner of the screen.


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Born to Be King - S1-E2

Visible crew/equipment: When Harry comes to see Blackadder and asks how the entertainment program is going, Harry says that St. Leonards himself was a eunuch. As it cuts to Percy agreeing, you can see the boom mike move right above Baldrick.


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Born to Be King - S1-E2

Visible crew/equipment: When Blackadder returns to the castle after rounding the sheep, Prince Harry says "Ah, Edmund." Blackadder then walks behind one side of the wall. The shadow of a boom pole can be seen on the right side of the wall as he does this.


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Blackadder: I remember Massingbird's most famous case - the Case of the Bloody Knife. A man was found next to a murdered body. He had the knife in his hand, thirteen witnesses had seen him stab the victim and when the police arrived he said 'I'm glad I killed the bastard.' Massingbird not only got him off, he got hom knighted in the New Year's Honours list, and the relatives of the victim had to pay to get the blood washed out of his jacket.



Back and Forth: When Blackadder first goes into the time machine to get the items from Baldrick, and the door goes up, you can see a crew member pushing the door closed, wearing a red shirt.



There are in fact two versions of the bonfire scene. Although most countries use the intended censored version (where somebody coughs right as Edmund says the F word) there are a few US editions where you can hear him swearing uninterrupted.