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2 continuity mistakes in Queens For A Day (1)

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Queens For A Day (1) - S7-E10

Continuity mistake: After Jack tries to take a bite out of the wax lemon, he puts it down on the table. A few shots later it is no longer on the table in front of him, then reappears for one shot in front of him, the disappears again. (00:03:30)

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Queens For A Day (1) - S7-E10

Continuity mistake: In the opening scene when Grace, Karen and Jack sit at the breakfast table waiting for breakfast to be served, the napkin on the table in front of Grace keeps changing from sitting parallel to or facing away from her, the two crockery items on the table keep moving as well, as do the artificial fruits in the bowl. (00:00:30)

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Karen: Good Lord. I can't believe I'm at a public pool. Why doesn't somebody just pee directly on me?

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Election - S2-E2

Trivia: In the scene where the they are having a tenants meeting, the woman on the sofa tells Will that someone "stole" her umbrella, she says it's similar to the one Tim Kaiser has, and Tim Kaiser happens to be the show producer's name.

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Grandpa Jack - S9-E4

Question: This is a question without a knowable answer. But I wonder if anyone has thoughts as to why we hear nothing of Elliot's mother? Jack and Elliot are estranged. Elliot's mother, Bonnie (originally played by Rosie O'Donnell), acknowledged to Jack that she is a lesbian in the original run of the series. So, when Elliot marries a conservative woman, moves to Texas, and makes plans to send his gay son to a gay conversion camp, where is Bonnie in all of this?

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