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1Shift Into Turbo: Part I1
2Shift Into Turbo: Part II0
3Shift Into Turbo: Part III0
4Shadow Rangers0
5Transmission Impossible0
6Rally Ranger0
7Built for Speed0
8Bicycle Built for the Blues1
9The Whole Lie0
10Glyph Hanger1
11Weight and See0
12Alarmed and Dangerous0
13The Millennium Message0
14A Drive to Win2
15Cars Attacks0
16Honey, I Shrunk the Rangers: Part 12
17Honey, I Shrunk the Rangers: Part 20
18Passing the Torch: Part 10
19Passing the Torch: Part 21
20Stitch Witchery0
21The Wheel of Fate0
22Trouble by the Slice0
23The Phantom Phenomenon0
24Vanishing Act0
25When Time Freezes Over0
26The Darkest Day0
27One Last Hope1
28The Fall of the Phantom0
29Clash of the Megazords1
30The Robot Ranger1
31Beware the Third Wish1
32Gardner of Evil0
33Fire in Your Tank0
34The Turn of the Wretched Wrench0
35Spirit of the Woods0
36The Song of Confusion0
37The Accident0
38Cassie's Best Friend0
39The Curve Ball0
40Carlos and the Count0
41Little Strong Man0
42The Rival Rangers0
43Parts and Parcel0
44Chase Into Space: Part 12
45Chase Into Space: Part 20

Shift Into Turbo: Part I - S1-E1

Plot hole: Divatox and co. live in a submarine in Angel Grove lake. In "Hogday Afternoon", Angel Grove lake was drained to about 30ft at the deepest. The lake would have to be several hundred feet deep for a large submarine to hide there.

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Dimitria: Where there is evil, beware. Where there is destruction, be warned. This new team of mighty warriors will know no rest. Power Rangers, the legacy continues.

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Question: The actress who played Divatox changed midway through the series, from Carol Hoyt to Hilliary Ann Duffy (Or something similar to that). Why the change?

Answer: Scheduling problems with Hilary Shepard Turner meant that she was unable to reprise her role as Divatox from "Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie". Carol Hoyt was brought in as a replacement until the major cast change mid-season, when Hilary returned. Carol still played Dimitria, the Rangers' mentor.

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