Magnum P.I.

Magnum P.I. (2018)

3 plot holes - chronological order

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The Cat Who Cried Wolf - S1-E7

Plot hole: Magnum finds the cat with the bloodied paws. He takes the cat home, arranges with Higgins what to do, brings it back where he found it, and tails it for "over an hour", Higgins says. Finally finds where it came from, and in the house there's a corpse. Shenanigans ensue, Magnum comes back with the police to a now empty house and he tells to Katsumoto that it was not empty "a couple hours ago" and is amazed at how quickly and efficiently the bad guys must have cleaned. The problem is; later we see through the security cameras what happened, and how Max the cat got the blood on its paws. Supposedly the villain did an ultra-efficient job cleaning everything up after Magnum's visit...but what about before? Magnum arrived a good 2 hours after the homicide. What on Earth did the killer do during that time? The dead guy was still lying around in a pool of blood, and the bad guy hadn't even picked up his own ski mask! Forget it. He did not even close the front door.

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Mondays Are for Murder - S2-E13

Plot hole: TC is being held at gunpoint and is told to get in a car in the parking garage and drive. Magnum cannot get a hold of TC on the phone and says that something is wrong. When TC drives off with a gun at his head we see Magnum in the Ferrari, in the parking garage and in pursuit of the car TC is driving. How did Magnum know that TC was being held at gunpoint and that he was in a car in the garage? (00:38:25)


Mondays Are for Murder - S2-E13

Plot hole: In an effort to keep Glenn's death as quiet as possible, Higgins hires a private pathologist to do an autopsy to see if there were any foreign substances or poisons in his system when he died. A few scenes later it is revealed that Glen was undergoing chemotherapy. How is it possible that the pathologist missed the cancer and the chemo treatment in his investigation? What he found was an excess of antacids.


The Day Danger Walked In - S3-E5

Factual error: Higgins, Thomas, TC and Rick are locked in a freezer. Their barber friend is tapping his horn in "a pattern" Higgins says is Morse code, and announces that he tapped "move back." Not really. I know Morse Code. All I got (along with a few undecipherable things) was TOERT NMU ETM CEA OFJ DER WK. No way that spells "Move Back."


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