The Ranch

The Ranch (2016)

1 mistake in season 2

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Season 2 generally

Factual error: In the second season, Abby wants to take a job in Denver. Colt claims it's 300 miles away, while Beau and Maggie have to drive 6 hours to Grand Junction. Since Denver is pretty much in the center of Colorado, there is no place 300 miles from Denver.

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Suggested correction: "The Ranch" takes place in a fictional town, however the opening sequence has shots of the real towns of Norwood and Ouray. While Norwood is just over 200 miles from Denver, as the crow flies, the quickest driving route is 330 miles. When most people talk about how far away something is, they usually mean driving distance, which includes all the twist and turns of the roads that add miles to the distance.


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