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Suggested correction: This is explained at 26:49 into Season 3 Episode 9 (Netflix Timestamp). Marty is on the phone while escorting Ben to the "escape boat," and says the line: "Yeah, I understand. Just rent a car and meet us at mile marker 18." Wendy arrives in the Chrysler van. Later in the episode, when she pulls into the house, she is in the family van. It is presumed that she left the family van at the rental facility and picked it up upon return.

Suggested correction: She is never seen in a black car. The whole time during episode 9, they're in the regular grey minivan. There may be times when it's dark outside and a dark reflection is on the car, but it's never a black car.


No. The wheels are different on the car she takes Ben away in.

Then submit a screen shot because I saw no difference, even though different wheels isn't the same as saying it's a black car.


It's true! They greyish car has a plate in front of the car. The darker one did not have a plate.

Not only are they in a black minivan, but it actually appears to be a Dodge Caravan and is definitely not a Honda Odyssey. The fact that it is a rental makes sense. I had wondered whether it was a rental myself, and I guess I had missed the line where Marty tells her to rent a vehicle. The difference in the two vehicles is obvious to a car person like myself, but I'm sure some people don't notice.

Season 1 generally

Other mistake: Marty tells Ruth he'll pay her $1000 a week when he asks her to run the strip club. Later in the season, Ruth has demands, and says she wants to make 25k a year. Marty says "done." $1000 per week would have been $52k a year.

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Suggested correction: That's not what happened. She asked for a raise and Marty asked how much, and she says $25K. Meaning she wants $25K more, not to make just $25K.


Nest Box - S1-E7

Other mistake: When Marty deposits $906,352.17 into his account, it shows a previous balance of $15,736.42. After the deposit, it shows $932,088.59, but that is incorrect. It should show $922,088.59.

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Ruling Days - S1-E5

Question: Jacob says "as long as we distribute (the heroin) on the water, the cops can't touch us." What does he mean by this? Is he saying they have an agreement with the Sheriff or cops they won't interfere with him on the water? Or is just saying there's not enough cops patrolling the water to catch them? If it's the latter it seems like a poor choice of words since the cops could "touch" them.


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