Mike & Molly

Mike & Molly (2010)

2 mistakes in season 5

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No Kay Morale - S5-E18

Continuity mistake: After Mike's mother tells him that she heard a prowler, when it cuts to Mike and Carl showing up at her house we see that the window is wide open, but when they move in closer ordering the "sicko" to come out of the hedge, the window is closed as it should be, until Mike's mother opens it when she sees that the "pervert" is actually Kay.


Super Grover

Molly's Neverending Story - S5-E5

Plot hole: At the very end, Molly gives Peggy's church friends each a gift for their advice with changes she made to her book. Peggy says, "You didn't really need their notes, it was already a very good read." The problem is, there's no way she could have made any changes from the time she talked to them to the time Mike sends the email to the publisher. Molly actually says from the closet, "They wanted me to take my book to a dark, dark place." When did she actually incorporate their notes?

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