The Roy Rogers Show

The Roy Rogers Show (1951)

Episode list - season 1

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Show generally0
3Doc Stevens' Traveling Store0
4The Set-Up0
5The Treasure of Howling Dog Canyon0
6The Train Robbery0
7Badman's Brother0
8The Outlaw's Girl0
9The Desert Fugitive0
10Outlaw's Town0
11Unwilling Outlaw0
12Dead Men's Hills0
13The Minister's Son0
14Ghost Gulch0
15Ride in the Death Wagon0
16Peril from the Past0
17Ride of the Ranchers0
18Shoot to Kill0
19The Hermit's Secret0
20Haunted Mine of Paradise Valley0
21Ghost Town Gold0
23Carnival Killer0
24Flying Bullets0

The Kid from Silver City - S3-E10

Continuity mistake: Roy is visited by a deputy marshal who is looking for the son of a local storekeeper. When the two men leave to visit the storekeeper, Roy leaves his hat on the kitchen table, but when he enters the store the hat is on his head.

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