Parenthood (2010)

1 mistake in Fraud Alert

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Fraud Alert - S5-E19

Other mistake: Julia receives a late night call from a credit card company with a Fraud Alert. Julia identified herself as Julia. The rep on the phone referred to her as Mrs. Braverman. The rep has no way of knowing if she is married or not. And, given the fact that she referred Julia as Mrs. Braverman, the rep might have inquired if her husband has access to the card.


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Suggested correction: Individuals using the term "Ms." or "Mrs." doesn't indicated they think a woman is married or unmarried. I regularly address any female teacher as "Ms.", even if I know they're married. But I know others who use "Mrs." for any teacher, even if they know the teacher is unmarried.


Suggested correction: A credit card company would have a card-holder's marital status on file from his/her application. Credit card companies also have any authorized user (s) on file, so would know her husband was not an authorized user (if that's the case).


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