Flipper (1964)

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Season 1
Season 1 generally 0
1 300 Feet Below 0
2 The Red Hot Car 0
3 S.O.S Dolphin 0
4 The Gulf Between 1
5 City Boy 0
6 Dolphin for Sale 0
7 Not Necessarily Gospel 0
8 Countdown for Flipper 0
9 Mr. Marvello 0
10 My Brother Flipper 0
11 The Second Time Around 0
12 Lady and the Dolphin: Part 1 0
13 Lady and the Dolphin: Part 2 0
14 Danger 0
15 The Misanthrope 0
16 Flipper's Bank Account 0
17 Lifeguard 0
18 The Day of the Shark 0

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Bud is lying on a surf board, talking to Flipper. During different camera angles, his position on the board changes. He goes from the middle to almost the top. At the end of the scene, in the wide-shot, he's always to the end of the board. He also goes from being centered with a foot on each side of the board to being on the left-side with just that foot in the water.