I'm currently trying out some new advertisers - ad rates are on the slide due to the appalling economy, but I don't want to get any more ads on the site, as frankly there are enough already, I'm sure you'll agree! Getting more targeted ads (which also pay better) hopefully means a better experience for you all, as the ads are likely to be for upcoming movies or other things of interest, hence me trying various people.

Anyway, I've had a "no pop-up ads" policy for nearly 5 years now, which I feel has been the right choice for a better viewing experience, but as I'm looking into things I'm just wondering about exchanging one format for another - for example, would people be more willing to accept the occasional pop-up instead of the rectangular advert towards the bottom of most pages, or does that advert not bother you at all, whereas a pop-up would be very irritating? I won't go back to pop-ups lightly, because I personally don't like them, but I genuinely don't know what the wider mood is - if it turns out that the majority would rather have one popup per visit than a less intrusive advert on every page, I may concede the point.

Update: Unsurprisingly I've not had a single person in favour of popups, so fret not, as they won't be making a reappearance...

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