Quotes from Mark Dacascos movies and TV shows

Thomas d'Apcher: And you, Mani? Which one will you choose?
Gregoire De Fronsac: Mani doesn't use firearms.
Mani: Too much noise, too much smoke, bad smell.

Mani: All women have the same color when the candle is out.

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Jimmy Lee: Listen, Dragonfly, I tell you when to tag me.
Billy Lee: Don't call me Dragonfly!

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Billy Lee: My whole life just flashed before my eyes! Dude, I sleep a lot.
Jimmy Lee: Are you crazy? We almost wrecked our CAR!

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Jimmy Lee: Hey! Broom heads!
Billy Lee: We're gonna sweep the floor with your skulls.

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Toby Wong: Back to plan A.
Malik Brody: What's plan A?
Toby Wong: Don't get shot.
Malik Brody: Good plan.

Malik Brody: I knew these guys weren't real cops.
Toby Wong: They're real... Real Dirty.

Malik Brody: What the hell were you doing while I was getting my ass kicked?
Toby Wong: I was catching up on an episode of "Walter - the Einstein frog."

Malik Brody: Hey man, tell me about China. Is there a lot of Kung Fu shit going on?
Toby Wong: What do you mean?
Malik Brody: Like guys coming up to each other on the street going 'hmm... Your Kung Fu is pretty useless, as well as obsolete. You insult me! You bastard. Prepare to die!'.
Toby Wong: No, not a whole lot.

Toby Wong: Are you okay?
Malik Brody: Okay? okay? I'm in one piece, motherfucker, but okay's something I ain't been since we met.

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Louis Stevens: Can you turn that music... up?

Louis Stevens: First of all I ain't a teacher. Second I'm in a real shitty mood. And third no law says I can't make it my business. So let the kid go.

Louis Stevens: I've got major news for you. The world can be as big as you want it to be, or as small as your tiny little hood.

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